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June 16, 2011

Bigtrak Jr Programmable Rover


Retro Programmable Tank is Back… in a New Compact Format

Set the Delorean to 1979. If you were alive and old enough to comprehend your surroundings you might remember that the movie Alien was just released with the notable Empire Strikes Back on the horizon. Our minds were already blown by the talking Speak-and-Spell and then along came BigTrak. This programmable tank was like no toy before it. You would enter in a sequence of commands for movement and firing, then hit the “GO” button and watch as the autonomous tank dutifully carried out your commands. If you were one of the really cool kids you had the wagon which allowed BigTrak to carry and dump a payload on command. BigTrak provided hours of fun in a long ago age when any kind of programmable toy was a real novelty.

desk exploration

Now you can re-experience the wonder of BigTrak in a scaled down desktop version. Bigtrak Jr is an improved and miniaturised ‘desktop’ version of the famous 1970 BigTrak. Bigtrak Jr boasts all the functions and features of the original Bigtrak. Program Bigtrak Jr just like the original, via its on-board keyboard to ‘go forwards’, ‘turn’ and fire its ‘photon canon’, plotting a course to navigate around obstacles and travel up to 20m. Bigtrak Jr also has new features including a memory save function, active accessory port for exciting new accessories (coming soon) and moon-crater accessories to make your own lunar obstacle course for your Bigtrak Jr to navigate.




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