April 6, 2012

Geeky Friday: Saruman Returns, Batman vs. Wolverine, Fishing with Fonzie


GF logo1 Geeky Friday: Saruman Returns, Batman vs. Wolverine, Fishing with Fonzie

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you want to see The Hobbit as spoiler free as possible (good luck with that), stop here and skip down to the Wolverine/Batman thing (although I guess I already blew it in the title, didn’t I).

For those who can’t get enough Hobbit intel, run this video to see a surprise guest.

I don’t remember Saruman being in The Hobbit, but I don’t think anyone will mind seeing him on screen again. Actor Christopher Lee turns 90 this May 22 and is still working, god bless him.

 Two Batmen or Wolverine?

Check out this optical illusion from the Comics Alliance site.

wolverine or two batmen  Geeky Friday: Saruman Returns, Batman vs. Wolverine, Fishing with Fonzie

So is it two Batmen or a lone Wolverine? I guess it depends on whether you’re a DC or Marvel kinda guy.

Fishing with Fonzie
I said last week that I was getting my geek on at Mike Carbo’s last Comicbook Marketplace con. I knew it would be small, but tiny is the Aleta150 Geeky Friday: Saruman Returns, Batman vs. Wolverine, Fishing with Fonziebetter word. It was nice that it was so empty because I’ve been to a Wizard World con in the same cramped space in the Penn Plaza Hotel and with too many people jammed in there it was claustrophobic and hot. I’m not really a comics’ guy, I respect the passion but don’t share it. I like cons for the film stuff and shooting pix of the cosplayers. Alas, the downside of the show being so small is that only one friggin’ person came in costume. Her name was Aleta Pardalis—Voice Overs–Modeling–Acting—and she was quite a cookie, so I shot some pix of her and we chatted a bit. Aleta was great in her handmade outfit and props, but it was a letdown that there weren’t more people in costume.

This dark cloud’s silver lining came in the unlikely form of Henry Winkler. Everybody remembers him as Winkler150 Geeky Friday: Saruman Returns, Batman vs. Wolverine, Fishing with FonzieFonzie on Happy Days, but now he writes kids books. He also penned a hybrid fly fishing/self-help/memoir awhile back called I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River, which I reviewed. A lot of celebrity swill comes through here, so I wasn’t expecting much, but I was quite surprised. The book was very up beat and charming.

Henry was one of the guests and was standing there all alone, so I went over and started chatting. I told him I’d reviewed the book and how much I liked it, and his face lit up like the tree in Rockefeller Center. We had a very nice conversation about the book and our mutual admiration for fly fishing. Henry was just as pleasant and charming as his book. A real sweetheart. Attaboy, Henry! It was also weird to be standing there talking to a 60something, gray-haired Fonz. But I’m 50something and equally gray (with way less hair). That’s life.

Birthday Boy!
Lastly, a happy 75th Geeky Friday birthday to Billy Dee Williams. Lando Calrissian officially is an old fart! Crack a 40 oz. Colt 45 ($1.99—woohoo!) and queue up The Empire Strikes Back, baby, because we’re partying on Bespin tonight. (Apologies for the cheapo Photoshop job, but what the hell.)

LANDOColt45 Geeky Friday: Saruman Returns, Batman vs. Wolverine, Fishing with Fonzie

Have a good weekend, all. Happy Passover/Easter. Get your geek on!






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