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August 22, 2012

iCADE Mobile


Serious mobile gaming

While we love the myriad apps and games in the App Store, there’s one thing we definitely don’t like about mobile gaming: our fingers going oddly numb or worse, cramping up. We’d love to play as long as our batteries will allow, but the form factor of the iPhone clashes with the limits our fragile human bodies. If we are going to get serious about claiming some worldwide high scores on our favorite games, we need a solution.

And behold, the gods provided us with the iCade Mobile, the ultimate handheld game controller for iPhone and iPod Touch. With a classic controller configuration, iCade Mobile makes it easy to play modern and retro games the way they were meant to be played. iCade Mobile features a four-way directional pad, four front-facing action buttons, and four shoulder buttons. All will withstand your most furious button mashing. Your iPhone nestles in the cradle, which can be positioned in landscape or portrait mode. You’ll get a full view of all the action on screen because your hands and gripping the ergonomic controller pad. No more cramps! No more numb fingers! Game until the cows come home… or you run out of battery life.

Product Features

  • Fun and fast mobile gaming for your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Adds physical buttons and d-pad to make your gaming experience better
  • Rotating cradle allows for landscape and portrait viewing
  • Connects using wireless Bluetooth technology (set up once and you’re good to go!)
  • Works with over 100 games and apps (search “iCade” in the app store)
  • Ergonomic design lets you play for hours in comfort
  • True control with eight action buttons and two-axis directional pad
  • Compatibility: iPod Touch (3rd 4th Gen), iPhone 3/3G/3GS/4/4S
  • Safety Warranty Manual and Quickstart Guide included
  • iPod Touch Insert included
  • Batteries: 2 x AA (included)


Numerous iOS developers have built in iCADE support. The games listed below have either released or announced support for the iCADE:

Are you an iOS developer? – If you’re supporting the iCADE, let us know about it! Just email

Developer Support

MAME Support

iOS: If you’ve taken the step of Jailbreaking your iPhone, the iMAME4all app adds MAME awesomeness to your iCADE gaming stack. While we can’t recommend jailbreaking or unlicensed ROMs, we can certainly confirm that it does indeed work and it works quite well. :)

Android: By popular demand, Seleuco added iCADE support to MAME4droid

International Support

The iCADE uses the U.S. Hardware Keyboard Layout. International Users can switch their iPhone to this layout by following thee steps:

  1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Select ‘General’
  3. Select ‘Keyboard’
  4. Select ‘International Keyboards’
  5. Select (your keyboard language)
  6. Select ‘English’
  7. Close Settings app
  8. The Hardware Keyboard can be switched back to your language of choice by following these directions and choosing your language in Step 6.



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