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February 7, 2012

Pat the Zombie


A cruel (adult) spoof

The children’s classic Pat the Bunny is a book that we’ve all experienced, whether as a wee geek or as a parent, reading it with our wee geeks. It’s a warm and fuzzy book, full of tactile experiences. Touch the bunny fur – so soft! Touch Daddy’s face – so scratchy! Touch Mommy’s wedding ring – so shiny and smooth!

Pat the Zombie is exactly like that, except with blood, gore, and decaying flesh. It’s the tactile features of Pat the Bunny, re-imagined for an adult, zombie-loving audience. Touch the zombie’s decaying jaw. Touch Mummy’s empty eye socket. We might take this time to mention that Pat the Zombie may not be appropriate for small children. But it will definitely make your day!




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